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Joanne Goode

Events & Conferencing Manager

I have worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 17 years and being working as part of the Keele Conferences & Events team in 2003.  I started as an Event Organiser with an emphasis on organising Weddings, Banquets and day conferences.  After a short time in the team I was promoted to a Sales & Events Executive, being more involved in Sporting Events, Summer Schools and Large Residential Conferences.  Within my role I am also involved with the University Events such as the co-ordination of the Open Days and the Student Enrolment Activity.
As part of this role we need to have strong organisational skills and the ability to prioritise.  The main essential is good customer service skills and build a relationship with clients so they return in the future.
Each week can be so varied, you could be dealing with a day meeting for 2 people to organising a large sporting event for 2000 people.
Favourite Things: Going on holiday and having fun with friends and family
Interesting Fact: I competed in the 1998 Commonwealth Swimming Trials and the 2000 Olympic Trials.